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We are a solutions-oriented and results-driven agency that empowers brands, talent, agencies, and businesses to build bridges, make introductions, and create opportunities that have an exponential return on investment (ROI) over traditional marketing.

Are you wasting your marketing budget?

Are you missing opportunities as we speak?

With over $80 billion dollars a year spent on obsolete advertising, it’s no wonder that 96% of all businesses fail. We know that you don’t have to be a statistic, and Connections First was born to empower you to leverage your budget into the right marketing investment that creates the maximum results for the minimum amount of resources.

But we go beyond that. We know that it is not just what you know, but who you know. Having connected everyone from power players to small businesses to movie stars to social media influencers, we build bridges that empower opportunities like no one else.

Why spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars trying to reach an audience, that with the right introduction can be bridged by an influencer who not only can get your brand seen, but also engaged.

Our passion for Connections & Opportunities

over the last 20 years, we have built empires, created thousands of opportunities and brought in millions of dollars for our clients. Based in the west coast hub of Los Angeles, we leverage connections and opportunities around the world. Our team of connectors, visionaries, and strategic consultants focus on results-driven marketing and PR tactics to get the results you want and need – today.